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Experience waterfowl hunting at its finest at Kaska Goose Lodge. Kaska is located in northern Manitoba’s Hudson Bay Lowlands, about 45 miles west of the Ontario border. Kaska offers the ultimate in waterfowl hunting adventures. One of the last pure waterfowl hunting lodges in the remote wilderness of the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Kaska provides a truly unique hunting experience unlike any other waterfowl hunting lodge. 

The Kaskattama River delta area features islands, sandbars, large mudflats, salt marshes, and abundant feed, making it an ideal habitat for numerous species of shorebirds, raptors and waterfowl. This rich ecosystem holds lesser snow geese and Canada geese. Daily bird counts as high as 50,000 and 10,000, respectively, have been recorded. Due to the area’s unique habitat, hunting opportunities are plentiful, and guests travel from far and wide to take advantage of the experience. You could be next; book your next waterfowl hunting adventure with Kaska Goose Lodge today!

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Goose & Waterfowl Hunting with Kaska

Kaska Goose Lodge, one of the last remaining waterfowl hunting lodges on the Hudson Bay Coast, has been in continuous operation since the 1960s. The waterfowl hunting is incomparable. The 5,000-acre Kaskattama River delta provides ideal habitat for thousands of greater and lesser Canada, blue, lesser snow and Ross’s geese to nest and stage. The Hudson Bay Lowlands are also home to nesting sandhill cranes. A number of species of ducks call the Kaskattama River delta home during the summer, including American black ducks, mallards, blue-winged and green-winged teal, goldeneye, bufflehead, and northern pintail.

Kaska’s hunters have the option to hunt the Kaskattama River delta via Argo all-terrain vehicle or board our Bell Long Ranger helicopter and travel farther afield. Either way, our guests are in for a memorable hunting adventure. Our staff are experts in the area and ready to provide you with intimate knowledge on all you need to know about hunting in Manitoba and the Hudson Bay Lowlands. 

2024 American Plan Package Prices

USD $ 5,995 pp

3 ½ days of hunting

4 Day Trip

USD $ 6,995 pp

4 ½ or 5 days of hunting

5 Day Trip

USD $ 7,695 pp

5 ½ days of hunting

6 Day Trip

USD $ 8,595 pp

6 ½ days of hunting

7 Day Trip

Experience a Wilderness Vacation Like No Other

Kaska Goose Lodge is located 650 miles northeast of Winnipeg and 190 miles southeast of Churchill, Manitoba. The camp sits on the western bank of the Kaskattama River, just a mile inland from Hudson Bay. Here, nature is undisturbed, and the wilderness is truly wild, making it the ultimate destination for an adventure-filled outdoor vacation.

It isn’t just migrating geese, ducks, ptarmigan, raptors, shorebirds, and keen hunters who flock to this area. Polar bears, black bears, timber wolves, Arctic fox, moose, caribou, and wolverine are seen regularly by our hunters. If you want to see wildlife, Kaska is the perfect Canadian hunting lodge for you. Anglers also enjoy the Kaska experience, as the Kaskattama River offers exceptional catch-and-release trophy-quality brook trout fishing opportunities within a five-minute walk from the lodge. 

As for lodging, Kaska Goose Lodge provides hunters with a comfortable oasis amidst the wilds of the Hudson Bay Lowlands. Our two four-bedroom guest cabins face southeast overlooking the Kaskattama River and come complete with a common area, four bedrooms with two twin beds in each bedroom, a mudroom, and bathrooms. Our cabins are the perfect place to unwind and get some shut-eye in between your hunting and fishing outings.

Comfortable Hudson Bay Accommodations

Guest Testimonials

"I went to the Kaska Goose Lodge with friends on a 4-day trip in September to hunt snow and Canada geese. I did so, shooting several boxes of shotgun shells, and enjoying the hunt very much. It was my pleasure to discover that Kaska Goose Lodge, even without hunting geese, was an experience worthy of the trip. Seeing this land of short willows, rolling eskers lined with caribou trails, long tide coming and going, blueberries, red berries, small evergreens and lots of color, not to mention the spectacular show of Northern Lights one evening, was a great introduction to this part of the North land. In addition to geese of all sorts, I saw a friendly black bear, many ptarmigan, which were a soft light brown, in the process of turning white, a beautiful little silver fox, and many polar bear. Most polar bears that I saw were near Kaska Lodge, on the trip in and out. I saw some during a helicopter ride and some polar bear were viewed from goose hunting blinds. We were also able to catch sea-run brook trout in the Kaskattama River, fishing about a city block from the camp. This is a remote, fly-in only, wilderness adventure, although a warm cabin, hot shower and wonderful food was okay with me. I did lose track of the rest of the world while visiting Kaska Goose Lodge."

John C

"Visited with group and consider this hunt a very good value. First, the Snow, Ross, Blue, and Canada harvest opportunities were excellent; each hunter shot between two and four boxes of shells each day. Second, the guide quality was exceptional. Bob was well organized and very knowledgeable regarding decoy set-up, bird patterns, and blind locations. Third, the lodge and room accommodations were spotless and very comfortable. Fourth, the food was plentiful meat and potato style, just what you need for long day in the field. I would recommend this hunt without reservation."

Marc S

"Randy, thank you. Bo and the boys had a wonderful time, thank you. We all cannot wait to get back next season and try to push up the total count. Thanks especially to Bev, Tony, and the entire gang and especially you for making it a very special trip and hunt."

John K
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