About Us

About Us

Kaska Goose Lodge has been in continuous operation since the 1960’s. In 1994 my partners and I acquired Kaskattama Safari Adventures from then-owners Bill Bennett of Neultin Lake Lodge and Mike Dyste, owner of Little Churchill Lodge.

Since our purchase of Kaskattama Goose Lodge, we have made a number of additions as well as renovations to the existing facilities to make Kaska Goose Lodge one of the most comfortable and luxurious lodges on the Hudson Bay Coast.

The old Hudson Bay Company fur warehouse that housed the camp kitchen was expanded and completely renovated and is now home to a large, bright guest dining room, lounge/tv room and state-of-the-art kitchen.

A new, large, 4-bedroom, 4 bathroom guest cabin was constructed and the existing guest cabin was enlarged and completely renovated into a 4-bedroom, three bathroom cabin. Both guest cabins feature baseboard heat in the bedrooms, large common rooms and mudrooms where hunters can leave their guns and gear.

Satellite television, satellite internet and voice-over-IP telephone service keep us in touch with the outside world. Our new, 30 kw diesel generators provide reliable power 24/7.

Several years ago. we renovated the guide cabin, installing baseboard heat and a three-piece bathroom with shower. At the same time we upgraded the old staff shower building, which now houses a four-person electric sauna and separate shower room.

Kaska Goose Lodge is a comfortable, welcoming oasis in the wilds of the Hudson Bay Lowlands.


Kaska Goose Lodge is nestled on the west bank of the Kaskattama River, about one mile inland from Canada’s Hudson Bay. The lodge is only accessible by air, with our charter flights, originating in either Winnipeg or Thompson, Manitoba, landing on the lodge’s private 3,000 foot airstrip

Our Hunts

Kaska Goose Lodge, unlike many of today’s more accessible hunting and fishing camps, is an honest-to-goodness wilderness retreat. Over 600 miles north of Manitoba’s capital city, Winnipeg, Kaska’s comfortable guest cabins nestle along the crystal clear waters of the Kaskattama River – only one mile from the Hudson Bay Coast.

The 5,000 acre Kaskattama River Delta provides an ideal habitat for thousands of giant and lesser Canada, blue, lesser snow and Ross’s geese to nest and stage prior to beginning their long journey south. Greater and lesser Canadas make up over 50% of the goose population with the balance made up of a combination of lesser snows, blues and Ross’s geese.

It’s an Adventure!

Take some time to relax with Mother Nature. You’ll never get any closer to her than at Kaskattama. Over 200 miles from the nearest city, this forgotten corner of God’s wilderness is only accessible by air charter to Kaska’s private airstrip.

There are no ringing phones, honking horns or the acrid smell of car exhaust….just the gurgling sound of the river as it lazily cuts its way through the rocky taiga on its way to the northern ocean.

The smell of woodsmoke, the call of a friendly “Whiskey Jack”, the mysterious boreal owl and the timer wolf…

Kaskattama will take you back to simpler times – aat least for a few days. In the pristine wilderness setting of Kaska you’ll have a chance to catch your breath before returning south to civilization.

Guest Testimonials

"I went to the Kaska Goose Lodge with friends on a 4-day trip in September to hunt snow and Canada geese. I did so, shooting several boxes of shotgun shells, and enjoying the hunt very much. It was my pleasure to discover that Kaska Goose Lodge, even without hunting geese, was an experience worthy of the trip. Seeing this land of short willows, rolling eskers lined with caribou trails, long tide coming and going, blueberries, red berries, small evergreens and lots of color, not to mention the spectacular show of Northern Lights one evening, was a great introduction to this part of the North land. In addition to geese of all sorts, I saw a friendly black bear, many ptarmigan, which were a soft light brown, in the process of turning white, a beautiful little silver fox, and many polar bear. Most polar bears that I saw were near Kaska Lodge, on the trip in and out. I saw some during a helicopter ride and some polar bear were viewed from goose hunting blinds. We were also able to catch sea-run brook trout in the Kaskattama River, fishing about a city block from the camp. This is a remote, fly-in only, wilderness adventure, although a warm cabin, hot shower and wonderful food was okay with me. I did lose track of the rest of the world while visiting Kaska Goose Lodge."

John C

"Visited with group and consider this hunt a very good value. First, the Snow, Ross, Blue, and Canada harvest opportunities were excellent; each hunter shot between two and four boxes of shells each day. Second, the guide quality was exceptional. Bob was well organized and very knowledgeable regarding decoy set-up, bird patterns, and blind locations. Third, the lodge and room accommodations were spotless and very comfortable. Fourth, the food was plentiful meat and potato style, just what you need for long day in the field. I would recommend this hunt without reservation."

Marc S

"Randy, thank you. Bo and the boys had a wonderful time, thank you. We all cannot wait to get back next season and try to push up the total count. Thanks especially to Bev, Tony, and the entire gang and especially you for making it a very special trip and hunt."

John K
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