Best Waterfowl Shotguns for Hunting in the Hudson Bay Lowlands

From its sprawling sub-arctic grasslands to the countless lakes and ponds, it’s no surprise that many waterfowl enthusiasts consider the Hudson Bay Lowlands to be one of the best places to hunt for highly coveted geese and duck species in North America. This remote region’s sodden plains lend themselves to a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities; however, the main draw is a chance at a large bounty of snow, blue, Ross, giant Canada and Richardson geese, and an impressive assortment of ducks. In the heart of it all, Kaska Goose Lodge is one of the last remaining hunting camps left on the Hudson Bay coast. Although even guided waterfowl hunts can be a little unpredictable, one thing is certain; you’ll want to consider some of the best waterfowl shotguns before your arrival. Below, we put together a brief buyer’s guide to help you wade through your options.

The 4 Best Waterfowl Shotguns

While skill and success are undoubtedly achieved through planning and practice, even on guided waterfowl hunts, having a reliable tool will help add value to your “Great White North” experience. The most crucial factor to consider is having something rugged enough to withstand the Hudson Bay Lowlands’ rigours and lead to a bountiful outing. Although it may seem like one of the more simple firearms, shotguns have become highly specialized over the years. A gun designed to bag grouse mid-flight may not be the best smoothbore for knocking down a high pass goose or duck. Fortunately for you, there are a multitude of options that we consider to be some of the best waterfowl shotguns on the market.

Browning A5 Semi-Auto

Resembling the original Browning Pump Shotgun, widely considered to be an “old reliable,” the Browning A5 features a 28-inch chamber that delivers remarkable performance when targeting several birds at once. This model’s main appeal is that it’s reasonably simple and excellent for beginners and seasoned hunters alike. Knowing that you won’t need to make many adjustments is a bonus, and it comes with choke tubes to mitigate the costs of a new firearm purchase.

Winchester SX4 Semi-Auto

With improved ergonomics over the SX3, featuring a slimmer design, the Winchester SX4 allows for more fluid swinging and follow through. Other notable features include a nifty bolt release system, valve gas system, and inflex technology. Because of its relatively low mass, the Winchester SX4 is one of the best waterfowl shotguns for youths and beginners.

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Semi-Auto

Widely considered one of the best guns you could add to your arsenal, this gas-operated design offers a 26-inch chamber that can hold large cartridges while ensuring accuracy. In combination with the ComforTech buttstock, the ergonomically innovative rounded trigger allows shooters to easily pull it to their shoulder and swing around prior to firing a shot. In addition to its advanced features, the Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 comes with a hard case for added protection.

Beretta a400 Xtreme Plus Semi-Auto

The A400 Xtreme Plus features Beretta’s exclusive Steelium Plus barrels, a first for hunting shotguns providing the best patterning possible from all hunting loads, along with further felt recoil mitigation. Further drawing from the competition world, the new A400 Xtreme Plus barrel features a step rib with an integral mid-bead and fiber optic front bead in order to ensure the proper fit and sight picture for all conditions. Further enhancing the A400 Xtreme Plus is the addition of an extended charging handle and bolt release from the factory to allow for easier manipulation during the coldest and rainiest days, as well as an enlarged loading port to allow for easier loading in adverse conditions.

Hunting Lodges in Canada’s Great White North

Whether you plan to look into some of the best waterfowl shotguns or utilize your current firearms, the Hudson Bay Lowlands will change the way you look at hunting. Kaska Goose Lodge offers an unparalleled hunting experience you won’t soon forget. For more information to plan your hunt or to make your reservation, please give us a visit online or call 888-244-7453.


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