One of the notable aspects leading us to become better sportsmen and women is knowing the land on which we hunt or fish. Although it’s imperative to become familiar with the various topographical and weather conditions, an undoubtedly gratifying feeling comes with knowing more about the local turf. Not only will it make you more knowledgeable about the area, but it also creates additional reverence for it.  The iconic Hudson Bay Lowlands has a long history with several interesting facts and trivia that are fun to think about as you gear up for the ultimate waterfowl hunt with Kaska Goose Lodge.

Canada Goose Hunting and Fishing near the Hudson Bay

As one of Manitoba’s premier waterfowl hunting destinations, Kaska Goose Lodge is a goose hunter’s dream. The pristine Hudson Bay Lowlands graciously provide incredible experiences and the perfect opportunity to go beyond the standard bird hunting trip. Whether it’s a bachelor party, family get-together, or corporate event, Kaska Goose Lodge won’t let you down!

10 Interesting Facts about the Hudson Bay Lowlands

Our remote location is arguably the most enticing characteristic of Kaska Goose Lodge. You’ll know the feeling the moment you land. But for now, here are some things to know about our massive region.

  • The Hudson Bay Lowlands encompasses approximately 320,00 square kilometers–or 123,553 square miles.
  • It is the world’s second-largest boreal wetland ecosystem.
  • This region includes parts of three Canadian provinces, Manitoba, Ontario, and Québec.
  • The winters are long and cold, and the summers are quick yet warm.
  • Most of the area consists of peat-forming wetlands and bogs–perfect for goose and other waterfowl hunting.
  • In addition to the various waterfowl, the Hudson Bay Lowlands also harbors several other animals, including seals, polar bears, and walrus!
  • The bay was once considered “The Gateway to Canada” by European explorers, providing a direct route for fur traders.
  • The Lowlands have the highest phytoplankton concentration, making it a primary feeding ground for migratory waterfowl along with over 200 other species of birds.
  • Archaeological research shows that the bay’s shores have had inhabitants for thousands of years.
  • Today, the primary economic activities are fishing and eco-tourism.

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An aerial view of Kaska Goose Lodge.

Now that you’ve collected some informational tidbits, we welcome you to experience the Hudson Bay Lowlands in all its glory. Kaska Goose Lodge offers unrivaled waterfowl hunting experiences, and you’re only a click or call away from finding out for yourself! To learn more or book your stay, please contact us online or call 888-244-7453 today!

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