At Kaska Goose Lodge, every wilderness waterfowl hunt can turn into a memorable adventure together. Our Manitoba Lodge provides an excellent location for families to spend time hunting together while trekking through the Kaskattama River Delta, searching for waterfowl. There are many reasons to embark on a Manitoba hunting vacation with the kids that include promoting physical health, teaching responsibility, and learning about conservation. Our rich ecosystem, sandbars, mudflats, and salt marshes offer a diverse hunting experience you can’t find anywhere else. So, if you want to share waterfowl hunting with the kids, there is no better place to start than Kaska Goose Lodge.

Get Outside and Experience Nature Together

We all spend an inordinate amount of time in front of screens, making it difficult for families to spend quality time together. A Manitoba hunting adventure is an excellent way to disconnect, get active, and explore the great outdoors. We are located in the remote wilderness of the Hudson Bay Lowlands, full of diverse landscapes and ecosystems waiting to be explored.

Teach the Kids Responsibility

There are many facets of responsibility that can be learned while hunting. The first and foremost is firearm safety: kids must learn how to safely and properly handle their weapons before any hunting can take place. Kids can also learn responsibility when taught about regulations and restrictions of the area you are hunting.

The Importance of Conservation

Hunting can be an excellent way to educate your kids about conservation and the importance it has on a healthy environment and ecosystem. Hunting not only helps fund conservation projects it also controls populations that otherwise would destroy vegetation and potentially spread disease.

Manitoba Hunting for Families and Kids

Kaska Goose Lodge is the best choice for a family wilderness hunting adventure in Manitoba. Manitoba offers some exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities.  Taking the kids along hunting is an excellent way to spend time together in nature while teaching them about responsibility and conservation.
We have comfortable guest cabins with four bedrooms that are ideal for families staying at Kaska Lodge. The spacious living rooms are a great place to gather in front of the fireplace to exchange stories from the day. Then head to the main lodge for home-cooked meals and mouth-watering desserts for the perfect end to any day in the fields. If you have any questions about our hunting packages or the wildlife in the area, don’t hesitate to reach out at 204-982-9680.

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